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Caleb Gray Solo Session

13 min 3.67K Views HD Sep 13th, 2017

North Carolina cutie Caleb Gray is a country boy with musical ambitions, big dreams and a HUGE talent between his legs! Max Carter has the honor of welcoming this country crooner into the Helix fold. Caleb also enjoys hiking through the Carolina mountains and it definitely shows in his taught, sinewy physique. When this peaches and cream all American teen dream drops his drawers, be prepared for your jaw to drop as well (you may even want to unhinge it!) Carter wants in on the action because this huge, all American, apple headed appendage would be anyone's cock Kryptonite! Max makes the newbie spin around to show us his perfect peach of an ass which is ready to be plucked.

Carter caresses the kid's caboose then does some interior exploration. The boy's butt is just begging to be played with so Max tosses him a toy. Caleb's cock is raging hard as Max maneuvers the monster back and forth deep into the boy's pleasure center. Gray grabs his groin and Carter takes the reigns on railing the rambunctious teen's tight hole. Caleb tosses his pretty head back in absolute ecstasy and stuffs the thick pleasure piece as deep as it'll go.

Then he lets loose, lavishing his creamy torso with wet, hot ivory like it's a wonderful, white Christmas morning!